The Journey to Megan the Herbalist

My journey with holistic health runs as deep as my spicy zest for life. I have always had a natural selection for the greener things in life, from a young age I remember always feeling most connected to nature. I had my roots spread wide from the south to the west as far back as I can remember, but I am thankful to know the beauty of the midwest as well. I found my SELF deepest in the desert. In this big expansive land kind of hard not too. 

Motherhood chose me in my late twenties, transforming everything in its shadow. Once my little Capricorn King was earthside the only thing I found peace & reassurance in was preparing his pureed food. Just as he did, the call for all natural everything grew bigger and bigger. I served at a holistic health food restaurant for just under ten years and had adapted the high vibrational food selection fully since. I thought Nutrition was my niche, until I stepped into South West Institute of Healing Arts and revealed at their many wholesome educational offerings. I found myself in an Herbalism class by pure chance, and wow. That 4 hour observation class changed my heart forever, I felt called and quite literally chosen. This was the way I had been as long as I can remember now it just had more organization and theory behind it. 

Once the course took hold, everything I knew changed for the better. I felt whole. I felt connected. I felt home. Herbalism it self is the understanding of transformative and restorative power of plant medicine. Honoring Patchamama for all that she so effortlessly offers us daily and knowing that she is enough. Feels more authentic and true to me daily. I completed my program in December of 2019, and since have felt most joy in sharing my teachings and personal understanding with community. I hold clinical space for clients on a regular basis, I curate specialty and signature blends all synergistically balanced. Integrating ancestral wisdom and ritual into my practice is a requirement for every remedy. Infusing playful spirituality and love into all medicine curated, I hold my products to a high standard with potency, sourcing, and sustainability. 

As I grow in my business I hope you can understand this is not a space of perfection but more a space of authenticity. Somethings might be misspelled, handwritten and off centered, and I'm okay with that. All I can do is be better, so this is my space to allow everyone to walk that evolutionary line with me as we continually grow together. 

I love community and connection, if you have questions, concerns, or anything you feel called to share with me as a person or herbalist please know this is a safe space to do so. I look forward to tending to each others garden with love and light. Be well.